Calluna Floral Design & Boutique open in Spring Grove

Submitted Calluna Floral Design & Boutique co-owners Amy (Kurk) Halverson (L) and Anne (Ellingson) Scheetz.
Calluna Floral Design & Boutique co-owners Amy (Kurk) Halverson (L) and Anne (Ellingson) Scheetz.

Craig Moorhead

The Caledonia Argus

There’s a new flower and gift shop in downtown Spring Grove. One that owes its beginnings to a lifelong friendship.

“Amy (Halverson) and I have been friends since Kindergarten,” co-owner Anne Scheetz said. “We both went to Caledonia High School, and elementary school together.

“She approached me with this idea about four months ago. She said, ‘I’m thinking about opening a store, and I would like to have a partner, what do you think?’

“I’d always wondered what it would be like to own a shop,” Scheetz noted, “This building was open for lease, I was kind of looking for a change, and so the timing was right.”

From that meeting, Calluna Floral Design & Boutique was born.

“We felt that Spring Grove needed a retail store like this,” Scheetz added. The shop features flowers, birthday gifts, baby gifts, and more.

The name of the shop – Calluna – refers to a flowering shrub found in Europe and Asia Minor. It’s also known as heather or ling, and was chosen in 1976 as one of the national flowers of Norway.

“This was the old Spring Grove bowling alley,” Scheetz said of the building. Black and white photos of bowlers adorn one wall. Men decked out in ties, ladies in long dresses, proper bowling attire at the time those images were recorded. “My grandpa is actually in a few of these pictures,” Anne noted.

Craig Moorhead/The Caledonia Argus A wide range of gifts are on display at Calluna.
Craig Moorhead/The Caledonia Argus
A wide range of gifts are on display at Calluna.

For Scheetz and Halverson, the location held a lot of potential. The retail space was remodeled to open it up, make it brighter. New flooring was added, ceilings and walls painted.

“We wanted to let the light in,” Anne stated. Easter plants now adorn the space.

“We’ve both always had a knack for fashion, for home decorating, for flowers,” Scheetz said. “She’s a hairstylist by trade, and I’m a nurse by trade. I’ll continue to take some (nursing) shifts and keep my licensing up to date, but I’m enjoying the change.”

The doors at Calluna opened on March 18.

“Our grand opening was a success. We were busy all day. We’ve been getting a lot of phone calls (since) for flower orders, too. So far, it’s been going well,” Anne smiled.

“We enjoy brightening people’s days. Who doesn’t love to get flowers? Or to come in and find something special for their home? People are happy when they’re coming in, and they’re happy with their purchases.

“If we send somebody a plant during a hard time, it might brighten their day. If it’s their birthday and we can find a nice gift, that can make their day, too. I think that’s one of the best parts of this job.

There’s birthday gifts, wedding gifts, baby gifts on display.

“We tried to choose some local vendors, so our skin care line  is made in Minnesota. Most of our clothing lines are made in the U.S.

“We just kind of wanted a variety. So if you came in, you could find something that you’re looking for, something for anybody… “

There’s even a few kitchen things, bread mixes, mixes for dips (made in Iowa),  some gifts are on the quirky, fun end of the spectrum. Scented wax melts. Baby blankets and toys. Handmade pillows by Halverson. Headbands and scarves. Decorative items. Coffee mugs.

“We like different things that are unique, that you can’t really find anywhere else in the local area., Anne concluded.