Public Record for May 10, 2017

The following non-confidential traffic and criminal cases were  compiled from reports released from the court administrator’s office April 27 – May 4, 2017. Ages are given at time of offense.


Michael Tyler Barnes, 22, Wabasha, Minn., speeding, fined $115.

Charles Ray Born, 61, Eagle Lake, Minn., speeding, fined $115.

Lance Rashawn Gore, 31, Rochester, Minn., driving after revocation, fined $275.

Johnathan Paul Kruse, 32, Caledonia, Minn., speeding, fined $125.

Cade Anton Laufenberg, 25, Stoddard, Wis., no Minnesota driver’s license, fined $175.

Lea Christine Lovelace, 42, Decorah, Iowa, speeding, fined $135.

Donald Otto Meyer, 74, Houston, Minn., speeding, fined $115.

Lot Ayodeji Olawuyi, 46, Rowlett, Texas, speeding, fined $115.

Michael James Petersen, 28, Houston, Minn., driving after suspension, fined $275, uninsured vehicle, fined $200, brakes required, fined $100.

Kartika Putri, 29, Wausau, Wis., speeding, fined $215.

Michael James Roach, 61, Racine, Wis., speeding, fined $135.

Stephanie Mae Thornton, 42, La Crosse, Wis., speeding, fined $125.

Chris Ann Vieaux, 49, Onalaska, Wis., speeding, fined $115.

Todd Wilmer Wedwick, 50, Viroqua, Wis., speeding, fined $115.


Jesse Lee Books, 35, Brownsville, Minn., operating unregistered vehicle without plates, fined $175.

Jesse Brandon Dale, 34, Dane, Wis., uninsured vehicle, possession of a small amount of marijuana, fined $275, stay of adjudication, probation.

Jay Jeremy Marco, 41, Melrose, Wis., seat belt required, fined $100.

April Renee Nelson, 34, Brownsville, Minn., fifth degree controlled substance possesion, probation, fined $350.

Madison Dean Pettis, 22, St. Cloud, Minn., tamper with vehicle w/o owner permission, fined $75.

Jesse James Walleser, 18, Lansing, Iowa, speeding, fined $135.


Matthew Ryan Barr, 18, Caledonia, Minn., driving without a valid license, fined $175.

David William Rask, 57, Caledonia, Minn., operating vehicle with expired registration, fined $105.


Dustin Lee Schewe, 28, Winona, Minn., failure to stop at stop sign, fined $125, driving after suspension, fined $200.


Adrian Juan Briones, 26, Hokah, Minn., driving without a valid license, fined $175.

Casey Aaron Cooper, 22, Minneapolis, Minn., 4th degree DUI, 2 days local confinement, probation, fined $300.

John Leo Elsen, 45, La Crescent, Minn., unlicensed animal, fined $95.

Christopher Paul Hazuga, 33, La Crescent, Minn., unlicensed animal, fined $95.

Jessica Erin Heeter, 41, La Crescent, Minn., unlicensed animal, fined $95.

Sara Elizabeth Heth, 29, La Crescent, Minn., unlicensed animal, fined $95.

Taylor James Murphy, 23, La Crosse, Wis., driving without a valid license, fined $175.

April Renee Nelson, 35, Brownsville, Minn., fifth degree controlled substance possesion,  probation, fined $75.


Kent Edward Kronebusch, 45, Brownsville, Minn., knowingly permit minor to hunt illegally or violate fish and game law, fined $175.


Jordan Stephen Goeden and Marie Hirsch, both of Mabel, Minn.

Benjamin Christian Hendrickson of New Prague, Minn. and Bailey Elizabeth Krueger of New Richland, Minn.

Johanna Marie Troendle of Caledonia, Minn. and Craig Anthony Jalbert of Isanti, Minn.

Jessica Gail Nelson of Caledonia, Minn. and Daniel Francis Sabelko of Elmwood, Wisc.

MaryEllen Claire Schiltz and Brian Pierce Goetzinger, both of Brownsville, Minn.

Travis Aaron Buck and Sara Marie Clingenpeel, both of La Crosse, Wis.

Casey Leigh Smith of La Crescent, Minn. and Trevor Leon Jorgenson of La Crosse, Wis.

Whitney Luise Lehmann and Paul Thomas Gilbert, both of Sussex, Wis.


Christina Marie Bastian and Chelsey Kay Bastian.