Applebaum short on facts

To the Editor:

The Legislature’s top publicity hound, Rep. Jon Applebaum, checked in recently chastising the middle-class tax relief proposal I’m sponsoring this session.

Not surprising since Applebaum’s never met a camera or newspaper he didn’t like, as seen in his recent attempt to get on the 6:00 news by becoming the legislature’s champion of marijuana legalization.

Applebaum has the audacity to suggest that Fillmore and Houston County taxpayers would not benefit from our $1.15 billion tax relief plan.

As one person said to me, “What exactly is he smoking?”

Regarding provisions in the taxes bill, Applebaum urged you to ask yourself: do these things benefit my family and me?

Let’s recap: farmers in southeastern Minnesota would see relief through a reduction ag land owners pay for school bond referendums. Main Street shop owners will receive relief from an extra tax leveled on businesses. Senior citizen relief would happen by increasing income limit thresholds for Social Security taxation. College students will receive a tax credit for student loan payments – the first of its kind in the nation. Working families will save money through modified tax credits for their childcare expenses. And let’s not forget tax reciprocity with Wisconsin.

If you fall into any of these categories, not only would you benefit – but Rep. Applebaum would consider you wealthy.

I would never call someone a liar. But Rep. Applebaum’s gross attempt at distorting the truth in an attempt to score political points is disgusting. Clearly he either hasn’t read the bill or has forgotten what’s in it.

In reality, I should thank him for giving me another opportunity to explain the outstanding tax relief provisions in the bill to your readers and to put his partisan nonsense up in smoke.

State Representative

Greg Davids

Preston, Minnesota