Public Record for June 14, 2017

The following non-confidential traffic and criminal cases were compiled from reports released from the court administrator’s office May 25 through June 1, 2017. Ages are given at time of offense.


Timothy Joseph Blanski, 58, Spring Grove, Minn., seat belt required, fined $100.

Montgomery T. Christopherson, 38, La Crescent, Minn., speeding, fined $115.

Nicholas Lee Congdon, 25, Onalaska, Wis., seat belt required, fined $100.

Kennith Cole Fanning Stanford, 19, La Crosse, Wis., driving after suspension, fined $275, no proof of insurance, fined $200.

Scott Omar Goetzinger, 57, Caledonia, Minn., seat belt required, fined $100.

Peter Thomas Harm, 21, Mequon, Wis., no Minnesota driver’s license, fined $175, vehicle registration required, fined $30.

Karla Frances Helke, 38, Hokah, Minn., speeding, fined $135.

Madeline Ella Hermeier, 19, Stoddard, Wis., speeding, fined $125.

Fred Arthur Ideker, 52, Spring Grove, Minn., seat belt required, fined $100.

Carol Ann Jones, 79, La Crescent, Minn., window tint less than 50% light transmittance, fined $125.

Mark Raymond Mahr, 56, Dorchester, Iowa, seat belt required, fined $100.

Angel Ann Olson, 26, Soldiers Grove, Wis., seat belt required, fined $100.

Kristina Ann Sherbon, 33, Caledonia, Minn., speeding, fined $115.


Nicholas Patric Conrad, 26, Cashton, Wis., controlled substance crime, 5th degree, probation, fined $275.

Jessica Marie Durack, 29, Caledonia, Minn., speeding, fined $135.

Lynsey Irene Hanson, 22, Houston, Minn., fugitive from justice, extradition waived.

Brandon Dennis Johnson, 18, Houston, Minn., liquor consumption by person under 21, probation, fined $175.

Michael Lee Muller, 31, La Crosse, Wis., speeding, fined $135.

Timothy Lee Petersen, 37, Port St. Joe, Fla., duty to drive with care, speed greater than reasonable, fined $115.

Randy Wilbert Volkman, 35, Rushford, Minn., disorderly conduct, probation, fined $275.

Joshua Benjamin Welch, 31, La Crosse, Wis., third degree burglary, 70 days credit for time served, probation, fined $310, stalking, probation, concurrent credit for time served, fined $75.

John Daniel Witt, 30, Houston, Minn., driver must carry proof of insurance, fined $275.


Adel Richard Hundorf, 26, Rochester, Minn., fourth degree DUI, probation, fined $500.

Shelby Ray Vickerman, 39, Mabel, Minn., seat belt required, fined $100.


Theresa Mae Forss, 50, La Crescent. Minn., unlicensed animal, fined $95.

Joshua Michael Hackworth, 17, La Crescent, Minn., unreasonable acceleration/exhibition driving, fined $95.

Dustin Wayne Heyer, 36, Darlington, Wis., driving after suspension, fined $275.

Landon Ray Jorgenson, 33, La Crescent, Minn., disorderly conduct, probation, 2 days local confinement, restitution, fined $1,577.

Sean Gailard Kasten, 28, Etrick, Wis., attempted murder – 1st degree – premeditated, guilty plea, aquitted, mental illness; overwork/mistreat animals – torture, guilty plea, acquitted, mental illness;assault, 2nd degree – dangerous weapon, guilty plea, acquitted, mental illness.

Landon Levi Lapham, 25, Eitzen, Minn., seat belt required, fined $100.

Bradley Dennis Nuckles, 56, Brownsville, Minn., driving after suspensioin, fined $275.

Brian Alan Wiese, 48, Holmen, Wis., failure to stop at stop sign, fined $125.


James Dean Schutte, 35, Brownsville, Minn., driving after revocation, fined $275.

Gary Erlin Walter Stortz, 68, Decorah, Iowa, speeding, fined $115.


Vicki Ann Mumbleau and Todd Jennings.

Aimee Fatima Murphy and James Patrick Murphy.

Amy Marie Humfeld and Andy James Humfeld.