Mayo clinic has been developing a new medical record and billing system for use at all locations

By Daniel E. McGonigle

General Manager

The Caledonia Argus

Mayo Clinic announced this week that they will be implementing a new medical record and billing system.

The system will be used at Mayo Clinic locations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida and Arizona.

The clinic noted that “to ensure a smooth transition, it will be phased in gradually.”

Once the system is in place, care teams will have the same information from just one system.

“This includes a patient’s medications, allergies and health issues,” a press release said. “Our goal is to enhance your care and improve service.”

Implementation dates

The Mayo Clinic Health Sytesm in Wisconsin, plus Caledonia, La Crescent, Decorah and Waukon will be implemented on July 8.

In Minnesota and including Alma, Ellsworth, Armstrong, Lake Mills and Charles City, roll out will be on November 4, 2017.

The Mayo Clinic Rochester campus will be on May 5, 2018 and Arizona and Florida campuses will be on October 6, 2018.

Changes you will see with the new system

• One Mayo Clinic number. Every patient will have one Mayo Clinic number to be used at all Mayo Clinic locations. This makes it easy to access your account and health records wherever you are seen.

• Billing and payment in the new system. In the new system all adults 18 years and older is billed individually. This means that each adult family member receives a separate statement.

• Changes in patient online services. Patient online services will continue to offer the features currently available through a web browser and the Mayo Clinic app.

These features include sending secure messages and viewing lab, clinical and radiology reports.

• Changes in scheduling appointments.

Continue to have your insurance card ready when you call to set up an appointment and when you check in for your appointment. This makes it easier for you to register and check in. It also allows them to better answer your questions.

What will be different in Patient Online Services?

Patient Online Services will look different, but you’ll be able to use all the features you use on the current Patient Online Services. And you’ll still be able to use your current username and password to login to the new Patient Online Services.

There will, though, be differences in some of the information that will be viewable when you first use your account from a web browser.

Viewing your medication, allergies, and immunization lists

You’ll notice when you log in to Patient Online Services from a web browser, your medications, allergies, and immunizations may not be listed. Don’t worry, the information hasn’t been lost. Your care team has these lists, and these lists are also available to you through the Mayo Clinic App.

So if you need to see the lists immediately, log in to Patient Online Services through the Mayo Clinic App. If you already use the App, you know how easy it is to use.  If you haven’t taken advantage of the App, consider downloading it from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Your medication, allergy and immunization lists are reviewed by your care team at every appointment. Once the lists are reviewed, you’ll see the lists whether you log in from a web browser or through the Mayo Clinic App.

If you have questions, feel free to send any questions using the Mayo Clinic Online Services Assistance form. This form will also be available in the new Patient Online Services.  If you prefer, you can call 877-858-0398 with your questions.