Plenty of fun to be found locally

Dan McGonigle

General Manager/Managing Editor

My family and I have long been loyal patrons of the Twin Creeks mini-golf course in Hokah.

Eager to show off his skills, young Ezra, who has been getting lessons on golf from Ethan DuCharme, challenged his old man and his brothers to a friendly game at Twin Creeks last weekend.

Despite being 35 years older than Ezra, I started out the game with a hole-in-one.

He and his other brothers, Sean and Seth, knew they were in for a long day of smack talk.

Another hole-in-one later in the round and a few two putts and three putts, and the boys knew full well who the alpha male is in the family.

It is such a gem to have the Hokah mini golf course at our disposal.

The scenic setting and the fun the place has to offer has put many a smile on the faces of my family members and I.

Swing over there for the day and you won’t be disappointed.

Bob does a great job of providing a fun experience for his patrons.

Pickle ball

A recent addition to the community is another chance for my family and I to have some fun local experiences.

A pickle ball court, which was restored by Ken Van Den Boom and his wife Lyn, on part of the tennis courts in Caledonia, is another chance for folks to have a great time.

When I came home and talked about the game Ken and I and some Caledonia HS students had played, turns out we had a pickle ball set of paddles and balls.

I was thrilled!

While time didn’t allow for my family and I to get out there this weekend, you can bet we’ll be putting a few miles on the court over the rest of the summer.

Between the restoration of the basketball courts at Veterans Park, the mini-golf course in Hokah, the new aquatic center here in Caledonia, there are so many fun opportunities here locally for young families.

Get out and enjoy yourself at one of these local treasures today!