Kind gesture by Curt and Shirley Schroeder very much appreciated by this dad

Dan McGonigle

General Manager/Managing Editor

It was a chance to clear some space on some book shelves. But for the community, it was a wonderful gift by a long-time teacher and her husband.

This past weekend, Curt and Shirley Schroeder donated their collection of children’s books with an open-house book shopping spree.

Books were set up on a trailer that Curt restored and it was the perfect height for children to look for their favorite titles.

We all know teachers are the most underpaid profession in our nation’s economy.

The impact that teachers have is life-long. If you have a bad teacher, you remember that person forever. If you have a good teacher, the same is true.

It is the passion and love of children, that was so apparent in Mrs. Schroeder, that makes those memorable teachers oh-so-memorable.

She and her family were so kind and truly seemed happy to see our eight-year-old twins when they came up to select several books.

Schroeder stamped each book and signed one book for each of our children.

She shared stories of her days as an educator.

Her husband took our children on a tour of their play house something that would later inspire them to clean up the playhouse in our backyard that has sat idle for most of the summer.

After working for the better part of the afternoon, bringing a table and chairs out to our “tree fort” as its’ called, Hannah would later sit down to read one of the books she selected the day before at the Schroeder’s.

Despite my children never having had her as a teacher, her gift with children was so apparent after spending just a few hours with Schroeder and her family.

Shirley Schroeder is what makes education such a vitally important thing in our society.

Teachers like her can have a long-lasting impact on the success of our society, and our future.

The ground-work that teachers like Schroeder lay, continues today at Caledonia area schools.

She set the bar and expectations quite high and as a result the children who have had the opportunity to learn from her and others in the district are better off for it.

Thank you again Curt and Shirley not just for the cookies, lemonade and books, but for the impact those few hours at your farm had on my children.

Giving away those books was a wonderful gesture and my family thanks you!