Officers, Relay organizers and Legion players, you all have my thanks

Dan McGonigle

General Manager

You can imagine the fear gripping the area when news broke of our local officers being shot at following a routine traffic stop.

Thankfully no one, beyond the suspect, was hurt. Of course, we all know it could’ve ended much, much worse.

We are so fortunate to have the brave men and women we do serving to protect us.

Perhaps we don’t say “thank you” enough to our men and women who are on the front line, putting their lives in jeopardy night in and night out to keep us safe.

Thank you to all of our law enforcement officials for the great jobs you all do each and every day. You’re always in our thoughts and prayers.


This weekend is Relay for Life and I’d personally like to thank the Horihan family for inviting me into your home and sharing your story with us.

My wife is a survivor and my father continues to battle the disease as we speak.

The great organizers and folks at Relay for Life deserve a big pat on the back for the job they do each and every year to help win this fight against cancer.

With a son who works in a research lab fighting the disease, I know the impact the dollars raised from the event hold.

I hope you’ll join me this Friday night in Hokah for the Houston County Relay for Life.

We all have someone impacted by this disease, so let’s wipe it out once and for all.


And finally, thanks to our Legion Post 191 players, fans, and families and coaches for a memorable season.

I got the chance to catch their first two games on Friday before having to return for Hoedown this weekend.

The boys played their guts out. As a nervous, yet proud, mom and pop sat and watched Austin Werner deal in the first game of the day, it was hard not to feel the pride our town had for this team.

Several fans made the four-and-a-half hour journey to cheer our players on and they made the trip more than worth the while.

Congratulations and thanks Brad Augedahl and Todd Meiners for having these guys ready to play all season long.

It was a fun year!