One suspect reported to have said to the other “Are you ready for this?”

By Daniel E. McGonigle
General Manager
The Caledonia Argus

Just prior to leading police on a high-speed chase, while firing out a car window at the La Crescent officers, suspect Wyatt Helfrich is reported to have asked his co-defendent, William Wallraff “Are you ready for this?”
He did so as he reached for a loaded weapon during a traffic stop Monday night while the La Crescent officer approached the car.
This according to court records released on Wednesday just before noon at the Houston County Courthouse.
Helfrich, 19, fired at the officer during the stop for speeding and suspicious behavior about 1:30 a.m. on Hwy. 16 near Miller’s Corner, according to the complaint.
In it, Helfrich and Williams were charged with attempted murder and other crimes in Houston County District Court.
The officer took cover and returned fire with another responding La Crescent officer.
Helfrich and 19-year-old Wallraff of Kellogg, Minn., sped off and reached speeds of 100 mph through Hokah as Wallraff fired multiple shots at pursing officers, according to the complaint.
During the pursuit, the officer said the car would slow to lure squads closer before Wallraff fired.
The car struck spike strips and crashed into a ditch on Hwy. 44 near Sanden Road.
Police arrested the men after they fled into a cornfield. Wallraff told police they left a 20-gauge shotgun, rifle and ammunition in the field.
On Monday night, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension processed much of the evidence found at the scene of the crime which extended from Hokah towards Caledonia along the route the suspects took on highway 44.
Neither La Crescent officer was injured, and both are on administrative leave, which is standard protocol in officer involved shootings.