10th annual Bud Marnach Memorial tournament summary

By -Kody Moore

Caledonia Park & Rec Director

The 2017 Bud Marnach Tournament took place on July 21, 22, and 23.  Thirty-five teams competed across five age divisions. Seven different fields were used throughout the weekend including fields at the legion park, high school, St. Mary’s, and St. John’s.  The 9U portion was rained out on Friday Night. 10U baseball, 11U baseball, and 12U softball took place on Saturday. 12U and 14U baseball finished up the tournament on Sunday.

Champions included:

9U:  Rained Out

10U: Caledonia

11U:  Onalaska

12U:  Caledonia

12U Softball: Blair-Taylor

14U: Caledonia

Seven teams from the Caledonia Park & Rec program competed in the tournament along with many others from the Tri-State area. There were many tight games and a lot of hard fought competition throughout the tournament.

Bud would be extremely proud of everyone who competed at the tournament, and all of the people that his tournament brought to town. Here’s to you Bud, It’s a Wonderful World filled with baseball and softball. I would like to give a special thanks to the volunteer coaches and umpires, Polly Heberlein and St. John’s School for running the concession stand, and to all of those families who supported our tournament through their efforts. Also thanks to Don Moore for his help throughout the weekend with running the tournament. Thanks to everyone who helped make the program a success all summer long.

Big thanks to these Caledonia Volunteer coaches:  9U Black Baseball:  Kevin Klug, 9U Gold Baseball:  Zach Hauser, 10U Gold Baseball:  Jed Hammel, 11U Black Baseball:  Phil Klug, 11U Gold Baseball:  Randy King, 11U, White Baseball: Pat Doyle, 12U Gold Baseball:  Matt Ginther, 14U Black Baseball:  Brad Augedahl

10U Black Softball:  Mike Morey, 10U Gold Softball:  Tony Lange, 12U Gold Softball:  Scott Keopke, 12U Black Softball: Beth Morey, 14U Black Softball:  Chad Augedahl.