District 5 commissioner report

By Fred Arnold

Houston County Commissioner

District 5

It was great to see so many people at the fair. It would be nice to know how many actually are there over the four days. The most frequently mentioned topic in my conversations with citizens was the highway department building project.

The current status of the project is that the motion passed by the board over a year ago is that the location will be on the present site. Unless it can be proved to the board’s satisfaction that that site can’t be made to work, that is where it will be.

One board member is spending a very large amount of time trying to get several moving pieces lined up to the point where he can present concepts to the board for discussion and voting. This week’s coverage of the Aug. 22 board meeting in this paper will probably include more information about it.

I share your frustrations that the complexities of the situation are delaying a project that should have been completed several years ago, but I also understand that it is probably better to have a thorough process and get it right than to do something quickly and find out later that it isn’t going to work well and will cost more than it should.

I really believe that we will get it done reasonably soon.

Did you get to the Houston County Fair? If not, make sure to mark your calendar for next year. The amount of really good hobby, craft, livestock and other exhibits on display is fantastic. Great place to meet and share ideas with people you don’t see very often, too.

A big ‘thank you’ to all of those who volunteer their time and talents to do all the work that makes it possible.