This is an open letter to the residents of Caledonia Township

To the Editor:

Are the citizens of Caledonia Township aware that the board has already spent, and are planning to spend, thousands of dollars to falsify a claim on a road that was never legally theirs?

Furthermore, what makes this injustice even more sinister, is that the Caledonia Township board actions are for only one person and they have kept their actions from public view.

You, as citizens of Caledonia Township, Houston County, Minnesota, have a right to know where your road tax dollars are going, what your road tax is or isn’t spent on.

Full disclosure is a prerequisite of democracy. The township is using your money to suppress the truth.

Here it is:

After incorrectly describing the said road in 1984, (it was never the required two roads wide, never built by the Township, or maintained for any time prior to 1984) the township never maintained the road in the ensuing 33 years. At present, it is barely 10 feet in width and overgrown with vegetation. Potholes are the rule, making it impassable to normal car traffic. This is not passable for emergency vehicles or for two vehicles to pass one another in opposing directions.

There has been no current maintenance nor any records of past maintenance, yet the Township received gas tax for the road. Furthermore, it is a “dead end road” with no turn around and starts on private property (as described).

The said road serves only one property owner of the township who has access from adjoining property they own. It only serves as an adjunct to their recreational outlet with ATVs, and log skidders, their vehicles of choice.

The Caledonia Township retained lawyers to fight their dispute against another Caledonia landowner, and put it under the past budget as “lawyers fees”. What for?

This said, the road transverses real property with no “public road easement”.

The pasture road lies exclusively on the jointly owned properties belonging to Nadine and James Wise, John Sharpless and family, and James Sharpless who receive no benefit and have actually been harmed by the unfortunate use of their real property.

There has never been any required signage on the road and it has never appeared on any maps, including Houston County official maps.

The money the township has spent, and plans on spending on this issue, would be better spent on projects that benefit more than one individual. Please inform your current  township Board to stop this wasteful and illegal course of action. When they signed on, they took an oath to follow Minnesota State Statutes and the U.S. Constitution. All that are spelled out very clearly. The Caledonia Township Board, cannot “cherry pick” to come to the conclusion they, or certain residents’, desire. They must follow the laws of  our state.

Please make them aware of your concerns. We deserve a better democracy than this!

James and Nadine Wise

Taxpayers and property owners

in Caledonia Township,

Houston County, Minn.