New teachers at St. John’s proud to be the newest Vikings

Stephanie Huff

Stephanie Huff is the new 5th and 6th grade teacher at St. John’s Lutheran in Caledonia.

She is excited about the school year to come.

“We have a lot of things planned for this year that I am excited about,” said the 5/6 grade teacher.

Huff has experience as a teacher at Ascension Lutheran in Escondido, Calif., where she taught 2nd-4th grades.

The Caledonia native has a degree in education from Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minn.

She has two children who attend St. John’s, and are in grades 6 and 8.


Greta Mierau

New St. John’s pre-school teacher Greta Mierau has deep roots at the school.

“I attended St. John’s,” she said. “And my mother used to teach here.”

So it was a natural fit for her to join the staff as the new pre-school teacher.

“I am looking forward to returning to the classroom,” she said. “I used to teach preschool, kindergarten and ECFE for the public school.”

The Caledonia native is a graduate of UW-La Crosse with a degree in elementary education and early childhood development.

She has four children and one granddaughter.

“We also have a farm, some of which is certified organic,” she said. “I raise honey bees and love to garden.”