Such a great time to be a Warrior!

Daniel McGonigle

General Manager

You’ll notice it at the home football games, as the Warrior Touchdown Club have hung banners and flags throughout the stadium with the school’s “Warrior branding.”

Warrior pride is on full display, and not just in our athletics, but the academic successes and continued investment in art opportunities for our students make it a great time to be a Warrior!

Our administrative team, which welcomed a new member this week in Lee Morem, is a solid unit of very talented and dedicated individuals who are invested in our children’s success.

The success of each and every student, regardless of his or her background, is on the front of the minds of the staff at Caledonia Area Public Schools.

I, for one, am very proud to have my children attend what I believe is trending towards the very best school in the state.

As our district continues to look at ways to improve, one quickly realizes, they never stop striving to get better, and they all do it for the success of our students.

Kudos to a job well done to superintendent Ben Barton and administrators Gina Meinertz and Mary Morem. I feel so blessed to have my children be lucky enough to have people like yourselves involved in their success!


And it is thanks to the dedication of our school leaders that it’s easy for other dedicated individuals, like our Caledonia Lions, to give so much of themselves back to the district.

I’ll be at the dedication ceremony on Friday (when you read this it should say “I was at”). Thanks to an early deadline, you’ll read about it in next week’s issue.

The civic organizations continue to do such amazing work and the flag pole structure out at the school is a perfect civic donation made by so many wonderfully dedicated people.

We’ll share the photos and words with you in next week’s issue, be assured.

I can’t wait to give credit where credit is due!

Thanks Lions members for what you also have done to make my children’s education a successful one!